Free delivery anywhere from 228$


How can I pick up an order in Moscow?
Our sewing production and office are in St. Petersburg, in Moscow we have no point of self-delivery. You can place your order on our website via courier services or Russian post
Do you have a retail store?
No, we only have an online store now.
Do you sew to order?
No, we don't have the atelier function.
Do you deliver to USA?
Yes, we work all over the world! And we deliver our goods even to Africa :)
Is it possible to pre-order?
No, we don't have pre-order. Available items you can choose from the catalog on our website.
Can I reserve some good?
Reservation of goods on our website does not exist, if you start to make an order and do not complete the payment for the goods after 1 hour your order will be canceled and the reservation of the goods will be removed.
Can I be notified of product availability by mail or phone?
At the moment, you can find out about the receipt of goods from our Instagram account @ironbymironova, as well as by subscribing to the newsletter.
What fabric are your clothes made of?
The composition of each product and recommendations for care you can find in the product card, we work with Italian and German fabrics of high quality.
I made an order on Saturday, today is Sunday and I still have not come to my track number..
The rules for sending orders are presented on our website in the section "Payment and delivery". Orders placed from Friday to Sunday are shipped on business days of the next week. After sending your order, our manager will send your track number.
Where is my order?
If you made an order on our website and it took less than a day - wait for the letter about its sending. The rules for sending orders are presented on our website in the "Payment and delivery" section. After sending your order, the manager will send your track number to your specified email.
When there will be a range of sizes that interests me?
On average, the size grid update occurs once every two weeks, however, should be aware that our website has a limited edition series of products that are produced in limited editions.

The store does not have my size, how to order?
You can order only what is available on our website. Replenishment of the size of commodity positions on average occurs once every 2 weeks.
If the size did not fit me, can I exchange the goods?
Yes, the rules for the exchange of goods are presented on the website in the "Payment and delivery" section. Examine this section and contact us at
How to track my order?
You can track the order and find out the time of its delivery by the track number that you were sent to the email you specified after sending the order. The letter could fall into the spam folder. Track number of Russian Post and EMC - on the site of Russian Post, track number of СДЭК - on the site of courier service of СДЭК, track number of DPD - on the site of DPD.
How long will I receive my order?
The term depends on the chosen method of delivery. Courier delivery takes an average of 5-10 business days, departure the next business day.
How much is the delivery to my city?
Calculate the cost of delivery of the proposed methods when placing an order on the site, please note that in order to correctly calculate the cost of delivery data must be specified correctly.
Do you send orders to Ukraine?How much in ₴?
We work all over the world! We do not have a fixed price of leggings in other currencies, you can calculate it yourself at the exchange rate to the ruble.